To be in compliance with SB 1383 and AB 1826, and to reduce the high level of contamination we are facing in our recycling, composting, and landfill streams, we now check your carts for contamination. It is mandatory that all recycling and compost be properly sorted. Correct participation keeps material out of the landfill, and will keep you in compliance to avoid additional fees.

The below steps are now taken when your carts are serviced:

1.  Staff or driver inspects contents at the time of servicing using camera video and/or pictures to document correct or incorrect sorting.


2.  If carts contain unacceptable materials (such as plastic bags in the recycling), your container may not be serviced. The photos below are examples of contaminated recycling carts that were not serviced:



3.  Napa Recycling staff will contact you regarding your contaminated cart(s) and provide you with the option to either remove the contaminants to avoid a fee, or have the cart serviced as landfill for an additional fee.  Contact will be made via an emailed or mailed letter and, in some cases, via a phone call. 



Find out more about our Flip the Lid program to help reduce contamination (things that do not belong) in our recycling, compost, and landfill carts. 

Questions? Review how to correctly participate in our recycling and composting program. We are proud of our Napa community and strive to produce clean compost and recycling. 

Check out our new video about where your recycling and compost go and why it’s so important to reduce cart contamination by clicking this link: Waste is a Verb: Tour Napa’s Recycling and Composting Facility