Bill Inserts


Want to find out the latest recycling information, service announcements and community events?  Here are links to our monthly bill insert announcements:


Fire ash & debris handling info


Cleaning out your closet? Recycling an old TV? The Recycle More Program offers free curbside pickup of e-waste, metal appliances, batteries, clothing/shoes and cooking oil.  Don’t forget that e-waste and metal drop off is also free year round at our facility.


Lots of September events coming up: Coastal Cleanup Day, City of Napa Water-Wise Workshops and NapaSan’s Open House


Are you a wishful recycler and don’t know it?  What happens when garden hoses, plastic film packaging and other non-recyclable items end up in the recycling?  Well, this hairball happens.

Plastic air pillows, Styrofoam peanuts and other plastic film or foam packaging can’t go in the recycling…Reduce or Reuse it instead!  And, find local stores that take clean & dry plastic film at


What goes where? Recycle Compost Landfill


Remember, the Napa-Vallejo Household Hazardous Waste Facility is open every Fri & Sat from 9am-4pm…and you can browse for free stuff at the Reuse Locker!


Cooling Your Coals –  how to properly cool and dispose of ash/coals from fireplaces & wood-fired ovens


No FOG (fats, oils, grease) down the drainCompost the fat & grease in your compost cart, recycle the cooking oil with Recycle More!

Recycle or Compost? What to do with different paper items


Local stores that sell certified compostable bags


Compost pail & cart care tips


Print out this fun Recycle More Word Search…then check your skills with the Word Search solution sheet.


Pick up a kitchen compost pail or compostable lawn & leaf bags at our new and improved Napa Payment Center at 598 Lincoln Ave!


Recycle your paint for free at local drop off off sites with the PaintCare program.

You can pay your bill and see all your billing options on our Bill Pay page.


Is your non-profit community organization interested in advertising through our bill insert program?  Here are our bill insert guidelines, as well as the bill insert dimensions to help with design.