Get Your Annual Bulky Item Coupon!

One annual bulky item drop-off coupon is available to each NRWS/NCRWS customer. Customers receiving paper statements receive a coupon in their October statement (which arrives around November 1st).

If you receive an electronic statement, please call our office at (707) 255-5200 and we can mail you a coupon.

The Bulky Item Coupon is good for a free one-time load drop-off of old, broken, unusable bulky items at Napa Recycling & Composting Facility. A hard copy of the Bulky Item Coupon is necessary at the time of drop off.

Note: City coupon expires March 2, 2024, County coupon expires December 30, 2024

Examples of items accepted with this coupon:

Examples of items NOT accepted with this coupon:

Drop-Off Site for Bulky Items


Year-Round Options for Bulky Items & E-Waste