The Recycle More program offers FREE curbside pickup of e-waste and other items. Some of these items are recycled while others are donated to Goodwill Industries of the Redwood Empire.

Request a Pickup

We collect many items for recycling in addition to what you can put in your recycling cart. Take a look at the items we accept, and fill out a Pickup Request Form to schedule your free pickup.

Please do not put any of these items in your blue recycling cart. Recycle More curbside pickups are by appointment only.

Accepted Items:


There is no standalone pickup of batteries. A battery pickup must be combined with another Recycle More pickup. All rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries are accepted — simply follow the steps below.

  1. Tape the positive (+) terminal of each battery.
  2. Place your old batteries in a sealed, clear plastic bag.
  3. Place the clear bag of batteries at the curb with your other Recycle More items.

Just have batteries? See our list of single-use battery drop-off locations or car battery drop-off locations.

Used Motor Oil & Filters

We have a special program to collect used motor oil & filters at the curb.

  • Call (707) 255-5200 to sign up for our curbside program and reserve a used oil container and oil filter bag. The containers hold 2.25 gallons of oil, and 2 filters will fit in the bag.
  • When you are ready for a pickup, please call us at (707) 255-5200 for an appointment, so the drivers will look for your oil container set next to your recycling cart. Pickup will be on your regular collection day.
  • You will receive a replacement oil container and filter bag for your next oil change.

How to Change Your Motor Oil & Filter for Recycling:

Step 1: Drain motor oil into a drain pan. Drain your oil filter for 24 hours. It can hold up to a quart of oil!

Step 2: Pour your used oil into a reusable container with a tight fitting lid. Put your filter in a plastic bag or sealed container. Follow the instructions above for curbside collection.

Recycle More Pickup Request

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