Napa Community Cleanup – Earth Day

Napa Community Cleanup

April 23, 2023, 9am–11:30am

Want a cleaner watershed? Volunteer to be part of this citywide cleanup!

  • Downtown Napa at Main & Pearl
  • South Jefferson Street Wetlands
  • Oxbow District at CIA Copia
  • Vintage High School at the quad
  • Kennedy Park at the boat launch
  • Downtown at Napa County Library
  • Vine Trail entrance at Hartle Court
  • Yountville

Volunteering is easy! Just pick a site that works for you, and check in with the site captain for further instructions!

Registration appreciated is not required.

We encourage you to BYO bucket, gloves and reusable water bottle if available. Buckets, bags, and reusable gloves will otherwise be provided.

Wear sunscreen, closed-toed shoes and clothes that you are willing to get dirty.

Children under 18 are required to have a liability waiver form signed by a parent or legal guardian. Waivers can be completed by registering online.

For Earth Day Napa Community Cleanup info, visit

or email [email protected] or 707-690-3117



  • Have you or your kids outgrown your bikes? 

  • Are you in the market for a two-wheeled way to go to work, to school, or to the store? 

  • Are you missing that one part or accessory to make your ride even better? 

-The Bike Swap-

at Napa Bikefest has you covered!


MAKE A DEAL with one of the sellers to trader your old bike for a different new-to-you bike, or buy a used bike at a great price.


YOU CAN ALSO DONATE used bikes in good condition at the swap if you would like to contribute to a great cause.


Sunday, May 7th from 9am-3:30pm at South Napa Century Center – check out to learn more.


IS YOUR BICYCLE BEYOND re-use or repair? Do you have old bike parts or accessories you aren’t sure what to do with?


Check out NAPARECYCLING.COM for recycling and disposal details.

Earth Day Napa 2023

Earth Day Napa 

Sunday, April 23rd – Oxbow Commons – 11AM – 4PM

Celebrate Earth Day with us!

  • Fun for all ages
  • Interactive booths
  • Live music
  • Dance performances
  • Crafts
  • Games
  • And more!

Want to do something hands-on for the Earth before the festival? Join the Napa RCD’s Earth Day Cleanup from 9-11AM. Get more information at!

100% of beer and wine sale proceeds go to the EECNC Field Trip Bus Grant Program & the Darcy Aston Environmental Advocacy Scholarship for Napa County students.

More info at:

Soft and Stretchy Plastics are Trash

All soft & stretchy plastic items are not recyclable in Napa’s curbside program. They tangle in our sorting equipment and must be landfilled.

Cleaning wipes
Face masks
Plastic gloves
Plastic storage bags
Plastic shopping bags
Film or stretch wrap
Bubble wrap/envelopes
Condiment packets
Food packaging – such as foil bags, cereal/cracker box liners, chip bags, candy wrappers

Visit our Recycling Guide for more information.

Compost it.


Napa City and County residents threw out 9% less trash – and composted nearly 15,000 more tons – during the first eight years of the food composting program. Thanks for helping reduce waste, decrease emissions and create local organic compost!

But, we can do better…there are still thousands of tons of compostables going to the landfill. Join your neighbors and compost all your food scraps and soiled paper – check out our curbside composting page for all the details!

Compost Available!

* Enrich your soil naturally * Fight climate change * Prevent erosion * Conserve water * Close the loop * Save money!

Organic Compost available for purchase at the Napa Recycling & Composting Facility – 820 Levitin Way, American Canyon:

  • Organic Compost Only $13/cubic yard! (+ tax).
  • We deliver within our service area (additional fees apply).

Napa’s local compost is perfect for vineyards, farms, gardens, yards and landscaping projects.

See our Organic Compost for Sale page for more details.

Compost Certifications



Composting Facility Awards

Our facility is racking up the awards!

  • 2021 California Resource Recovery Association Dave Hardy Leadership in Organics Award
  • 2022 United States Composting Council Large-Scale Compost Manufacturer of the Year

Want an in-depth look into Napa’s Recycling & Composting Facility?

Check out our new facility tour video.

Free Backyard Composting Workshops!

MARCH 26th 10AM

APRIL 29th 12PM

MAY 20th 10AM


All workshops will be held in person. Registration in advance is required.

For more information and to register, go here.

*Este reunion estará disponible en español con un intérprete en vivo.

Cool Your Coals!

Do not put hot coals or ashes in your carts!

Hot ashes or coals can cause severe burns and fire damage to properties. Follow these safety measures when disposing of them:

  • Use metal cans no more than 30 gallons in size with tight-fitting metal lids.
  • Fill cans with hot ashes only halfway so they cool quickly and are light in weight.
  • Secure metal lids on cans to prevent spread of sparks or embers.
  • Check, stir, and water your ash cans for several days until completely cool.
  • Avoid adding more hot coals on top of the cool coals by using a set of cans that can be used sequentially.
  • Check to be sure that ashes are completely cool before placing them in your cart.
  • Please note that cooled ash and coals from wood fires and lump charcoal can go in the compost cart, while cooled ash and coals from charcoal briquettes needs to go in the landfill cart due to the chemical additives present in the briquettes.


Recycle More Clothing

Nearly 100% of clothing, apparel and shoes are reusable or recyclable. Yet, Americans only reuse or recycle 15% of consumer-used clothing and shoes. The rest — over 15 million tons a year — goes to landfills.

What to do? Call Recycle More!

What is accepted:

Holes, tears and stains are OK. All items must be dry and bagged in a tied plastic bag. Wet items cannot be accepted. Our minimum for pickup is at least a full kitchen-size bag.
Recycle More Truck
Visit or call 707-255-5200 to make your appointment!

Please don’t put clothing, apparel or shoes in the blue recycling cart, since they tangle in our machinery and cannot be sorted for recycling.