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We provide weekly residential curbside collection services. All equipment and service for garbage, recycling and compost is included in one monthly rate. Your rate is determined by the size of your landfill/garbage cart.  Here are the dimensions of the different cart sizes. Please call us at (707) 255-5200 for more info or to sign up for service. Find bill pay information here.

On your service pickup day, containers must be placed curbside by 6:00 a.m. Each 65 gallon capacity container must weigh no more than 150 pounds.

Here are printable PDF signs for Recycling, Compost and Trash containers…as well as a PDF of all 3 on one sign.

Here is a printable Recycling Guide (PDF) in English and Spanish.



Select a size of gray cart for weekly collection — 20, 35, 65 or 95 gallon. The 95 gallon cart is twice as expensive as the 35 gallon cart. You’ll save money by reducing your waste by correctly recycling and composting.

Please put non-recyclable, non-compostable items in the landfill/trash cart (i.e., plastic bags, plastic wrappers, polystyrene foam, kitty litter, diapers, and broken dishes). Find out what goes in your landfill/trash cart.

See our residential rates page for rate information.



Our customers are entitled to up to two (NRWS) or four (NCRWS) brown or green compost carts at no charge. Additional carts are available for a small charge. 95 gallon is the default size, however smaller 35 gal or 65 gal (NCRWS only) carts are available as well.

The brown or green compost cart is for food, soiled paper, yard waste and other compostable materials. This includes all food scraps (including meat/bones, dairy, bread, fruits & veggies), soiled paper, paper cups, paper plates, paper towels, paper napkins, coffee grounds, coffee filters, tea bags, grass clippings, leaves, brush, garden prunings, flowers, wreaths, pumpkins, manure, animal bedding and wood branches 6” diameter or smaller.

Questions? Our Curbside Composting page has more information on the food composting program.

Please no glass, plastic, rocks, dirt, cat or dog waste or painted wood in the compost cart. Loose items outside the cart cannot be picked up and only company-owned containers will be serviced. You may also stop by our Napa office to pick up one box of compostable bags for extra yard trimmings. You can schedule an extra pickup for yard trimmings twice a year. Please call ahead to request your extra pickup (which will occur on your regular service day).



Recycling service is included at no extra charge. Select a 95 or 35 gallon blue cart for mixed recycling (NCRWS customers can also select the 65 gal size). Up to two carts are free. Put all recyclables together. Please remember to flatten boxes, rinse & empty containers, and keep recyclables loose (avoid plastic bags, string or tape). See a complete list of recyclable items.



  • Here are the dimensions of the different cart sizes.
  • All carts have wheels for your convenience.
  • All curbside services are available weekly.
  • Items outside the cart will not be picked up unless you call ahead (fees apply for extra garbage — see below).
  • Only company-owned containers will be serviced.
  • No hazardous wastes such as automotive fluids, pesticides and fertilizers, paint products, cleaning products, batteries, etc. Find out how to dispose of hazardous waste safely and legally.
  • All carts must be placed roadside before 6am the day of your service.
  • For highest efficiency, put your recycling or landfill carts out for service only when they are at least half full.  We recommend putting your compost cart out weekly since it contains food scraps.
  • Carts should not obstruct bike lanes or sidewalks.
  • Place your carts two feet apart and 4-6 feet from any obstruction, such as cars, trees or mailboxes, so the collection truck can easily approach the cart.
  • Place the cart so the lid opens toward the street and the handle is away from the street.
  • Did we miss a pickup? Call us within 24 hours and we can come back out to service missed carts.

Special Services

Extra Pickup of Trash and/or Recycling
On occasion you may have more trash or recycling than can fit in your carts. We provide extra trash pickups for a small charge per 35 gallons (approx. 3 kitchen-size trash bags). There is no charge for extra recycling. Extra trash, recycling and yard waste will only be picked up with your carts on your regular service day. You MUST call ahead for these services.

Curbside Motor Oil Recycling
Do you work on your own car? Join our convenient, easy and free curbside motor oil recycling program!

Recycle More
Through our Recycle More program, NRWS/NCRWS will pick up items such as used tires, e-waste, bulky items and cooking oil at the curb on your service day. Customers can schedule free pickups in advance by calling (707) 255-5200.

Medical Excuse / Non-Curbside Pickup
If for medical reasons, no one in your household is able to place your carts at the curb, NRWS/NCRWS will collect the carts from your yard at no charge. A medical note from a physician must be filed annually with NRWS/NCRWS for this service.

Beyond the Street Pickup
If you’re unable to place your carts at the street curb (e.g., for long driveways) NRWS/NCRWS will drive to the point of pickup for an extra charge. The charge will depend on the distance of the point of pickup to the street. Please call us at (707) 255-5200 for rates.

Debris Boxes for Larger Projects
Are you taking out a patio, building a fence, overhauling your backyard or doing a remodel? Learn about our Debris Boxes.

Vacation Stop
One (NCRWS) or two (NRWS) times per year you may stop service for 2 weeks to 3 months and NRWS/NCRWS will not charge for that period. You must call at least 2 business days ahead to arrange for this service.

Holiday Schedule
If your service day falls on one of three holidays — Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Day — your trash, recycling, and compost will be picked up the following day, and service will be a day later than normal for the rest of that week (through Saturday). An announcement of office hours will be included in advance in your billing statement and posted on our website and social media. We provide normal service on all other holidays (Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, etc.).

Special Event Recycling
Special events provide a great opportunity to recycle and compost. Efforts are appreciated by both your guests and staff. Once you learn the basics, you’ll see how easy it is to make it a Zero Waste event!

NRWS/NCRWS is committed to increasing recycling at Napa events and helping you make it happen. When you call us for service for your event we’ll help you select the right recycling, compost and trash containers for your needs and we’ll provide guidelines for successful event recycling.

State and County policies require recycling at large events. Plus, recycling will save you money because there is no charge for separated recyclables at events, while there is always a charge for trash collection.

Tours & Presentations
What happens to your recyclables and compostables after you put them in your curbside carts?

Napa is at the forefront of recycling and our customers are largely responsible for that. We invite your organization, business or school to take a tour and see our recycling and composting facility first-hand. We are also available for presentations about the economic and environmental benefits of recycling. Tours and presentations are available to all ages.