Plastic #7 (Other)

Landfill (Trash) Cart

#7 is a catch-all for all plastics not made of #1-#6 resins.

Flexible plastic packaging, soft plastics and film plastics are not accepted in the recycling and go in the landfill cart.

We can only recycle rigid plastic containers like bottles, tubs and buckets that are labeled #1, #2 or #5.



Biodegradable Plastic Is Not Recyclable

Vegetable-based plastics such as PLA are often labeled as plastic #7, but they are not recyclable. Find out what to do with biodegradable bags and compostable cups, plates & utensils.

Did You Know?

PLA Plastic vs. PET Plastic

PET plastic is a petroleum-based plastic while PLA plastic is a bioplastic typically made from fermented plant starch. While PET plastic can be easily recycled, PLA is more difficult to recycle and requires a special facility in order to be composted. Before disposing, avoid contaminating your recycling by double-checking whether your item is PET or PLA and the current disposal instructions for that material.