Milk & Juice Cartons

Recycling Cart

There are two general types of cartons, both of which are accepted for recycling – please make sure they are empy and rinsed before recycling.

gable top – the refrigerated cartons used for milk and juice

aseptic – the foil-lined, shelf-stable cartons used for broth, soy milk, coconut water, etc. 

Did you know?  We now have two robots that help sort cartons, plastic bottles and other recyclables – check out this cool robot installation video!

Carton Cap

Screw-On Caps Are OK

It’s okay to leave the screw-on cap on the container when you’re recycling it.

Ways to Reuse


Use as Floor Protectors

Protect your floors when you’re moving furniture: start by placing broken down cartons under the legs of chairs or tables.

Did You Know?

Carton Recycling

Only recycle cartons if they are shown above as recyclable.