Padded Envelopes (Paper)

Recycling Cart Special Instructions

If the envelope is lined with bubble wrap, then it needs to go in the landfill cart.

Mailers that are soley paper go in the recycling.

Padded Envelope

Mixed Materials Are Not OK

Padded envelopes that are made of the same materials (e.g., paper envelope with paper cushioning) are recyclable, while padded envelopes made from different materials (e.g., paper envelope with plastic bubble wrap inside) are not recyclable.

Ways to Reduce

Buy Padded Envelopes Made of Like Materials

Buy padded envelopes made from all paper or all plastic instead of envelopes made from mixed materials that will end up in the garbage.

Ways to Reuse

Use Padded Envelopes More Than Once

Save the padded envelopes you receive and use them again when you have something to mail. Just place labels over the original addresses and make sure to use enough tape to keep the envelope closed.

Use Old Envelopes as Bubble Wrap

Keep used mailers and save them for when you next need to wrap or ship something fragile.