Alternative ways to recycle
Compost (Yard Trimmings) Cart Facility Drop-Off

Broken pallets can go in the compost – if they do not fit, you can schedule a special pallet pickup. For a large amount of pallets, consider our wood debris box service, or drop off at our facility


Pallet Wrap Is Plastic Wrap

Dispose of pallet wrap with plastic bags.


Return Plastic Pallets to Manufacturer

Plastic pallets are highly reusable and recyclable. Contact the manufacturer or distributor to see if they will accept them for reuse or recycling.

Alternative Ways to Recycle

Give to Pallet Recycling Company

Some companies, such as 48Forty, will recycle their own pallets. Companies that use CHEP’s blue plastic pallets can recycle them by contacting CHEP.
Smart Way Recycling accepts both wooden and plastic pallets.

Ways to Reuse


Turn Your Pallets Into Something New

The possibilities to repurpose your pallets are endless. Check out Pinterest for ideas and how-tos.